replicamagic Offers a variety of replica watches including Breitling, Omega, Cartier,Tag Heuer, AP, and other luxury watch replicas. The First Replica Omega Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition

The First Omega Replica Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition


The popular Replica Omega First Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition uses 18‴ chronograph movements from 1913 - these, to be clear, are not reproductions of vintage movements; they're actual chronograph calibers that have been in storage at Omega since 1913 and which have been assembled and cased in large wristwatch cases styled to recall the very first decades of wristwatch layout.

The movements went through a process of refurbishment that involved bringing modern analytical and machining methods along with traditional hand assembly, adjustment, and finishing techniques together so as to produce the finished wristwatch.

Two crucial steps in working with the original calibers 18‴ CHRO were the addition of modern jeweling for the going and chronograph trains, and a careful analysis of the wheels for both trains as well. In the first case, the plates and bridges were carefully milled out in order to accommodate modern jeweling; this had to be done taking into consideration the individual characteristics of each watch, as each original movement is slightly different and it was necessary to ensure that the new jewels were a correct fit for the original components.

Analyzing the gear train involved first photographing each wheel, and then, where necessary, using a particular tool to refine the profiles of the gear teeth, to ensure proper engagement of each wheel with the next.

The movements, once finishing and assembly was finished, were placed inside white gold cases and fitted with grand feu enamel dials; the only concession to the use of modern materials, done as a way of subtly connecting these replica watches with the modern company, was the use of Sedna gold for the crown and the chronograph pusher at 6:00.

The result is a fake watch that's both vintage and modern - vintage, in that the caliber 18‴ CHRO was manufactured over a hundred years ago and, as fake Omega's first chronograph movement to be used in a wristwatch, is an important part of the company's history, using many traditional assembly and finishing techniques; modern, in that state-of-the-art analytical and manufacturing methods were employed in order to ensure the degree of reliability and functionality expected in a modern watch.

If you love mechanical horology as an art, this is an extremely interesting watch. Of course, it is an anachronism and naturally in a certain sense, mechanical horology in 2019 overall is an anachronism but the use of movements from the very early 20th century gives them an aura of legitimacy that few if any modern wristwatches can match. Needless to say, this is not the sort of thing just any brand can do. To refurbish, case, and offer a watch with a movement from the early 20th century, you have to, you know, have been in business since the early 20th century, and the fact that these are a real slice of history, and not just cosmetic reproductions of early vintage wrist chronographs, makes them extremely exciting - not just to omega replica fans, but to anyone interested in the history of the chronograph, and the history of the wristwatch.

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