Connecticut Magazine's Best Restaurants 2017


Sono restaurants just keep racking up the love


Featured in the January issue of Connecticut Magazine, this group has won all sorts of accolades in all types of categories.

Here's where they excelled – BEST: New, Tapas, American, Cocktails, Desserts, Noodles, Pub Grub, Beer Bar,
Burgers, Steak, Brunch, Road Food and Cheap Eats.
Some were even graced with kudos in multiple categories (cough, Match, cough, El Segundo)

So here's the game. We're not going to tell you who won in which category. You'll just have to try them all and make
your guesses. We know it's a tough job but you'll thank us for it.

Here are the promotional products taste makers (in no particular order): El Segundo, The Blind Rhino, Mecha Noodle Bar,
Match, Local Kitchen and Fake Rolex, The Spread, Mama's Boy, Washington Prime, Cask Republic, Prime Burger.

2017 sono restaurants in CT magazine

VisitSono would like to thank the chefs and staffs who make this happen!  How fortunate we are to have such a vibrant and progressive restaurant community holding court in Sono. 


Don't forget to check out the whole site for entertainment, services and lifestyle in the area.

See you over a beer and...




South Norwalk, Connecticut

South Norwalk (known also as SoNo) is a neighborhood in Norwalk, Connecticut.  Classic waterfront meets urban hip in an eclectic hub that is SoNo’s dining, shopping and entertainment center.  A great place to live, visit and work, SoNo offers an amazing collection of restaurants, bars, bakeries, shops, galleries, and attractions.   

Nightlife         Neighborhood

Also located in SoNo are the South Norwalk Metro-North Railroad Station, The Maritime Aquarium (with IMAX theater),  Veteran's Park, and Oyster Shell Park.  SoNo also hosts a large annual arts celebration.  

Connect with the Director of Economic Development on Twitter   

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